[RhinoCommon] please update online SDK docs

To version 5.7


We’ve had a bunch of server shuffling here, so I bet other online helps are out-of-date. I’ll see if I can get @steve to update the RhinoCommon online help.

I think you mean @stevebaer not @steve

sure thing; I’ll try to get a new version of the SDK docs published in the next couple of days and then post here once I’m done.

That’s great, thanks!

The SDK docs should now be up to date with the latest additions in SR7

by the way: is there a pointer to Rhino 6 SDK doc somewhere? the help dir of Rhino6 SDK contains Rhino5 sdk doc only.

Does http://developer.rhino3d.com/wip/ do it for you?


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not really. I’ve been there already. The site is great in documenting how to use the SDK, but I’m missing a doxygen-style version of the SDK doc. e.g. to answer the question: how to find a view for a given viewSerialID?

If you have a document, you can do this:

Guid view_guid = ...
RhinoView view = doc.Views.Find(view_guid);
if (null != view)
  // TODO...

– Dale

I should also add that when then we freeze the SDK and the Rhino WIP enters it’s Beta phase, we will update the online, doxygen-style, help.

– Dale