Rhinoceros to sap2000

I have an urgent question

for Rhino model to sap200;
What kind of pages should be made in Rhino to recognize them as shell in SAP?

(For example, they must be 3dface for AutoCAD, and for testing in Rhino, I couldn’t create a face that would be recognized as 3dface in AutoCAD - I tested the *mesh face and the *sub-d page, it recognized it as polyface mesh in AutoCAD, and it didn’t recognize it at all in SAP!)

Hello- you can export to dwg as 3d faces - does that do what you need?


Thank you

I build a surface in Rhinoceros
And then make mesh from this surface.
But when i save with this setting;
In AutoCAD it shows many number of 3Dface!
while my goal is to have the surface as one 3dface.

(and also for less modeling error; Show the surface of the Rhino in the exact same way as a 3Dface in AutoCAD, and I don’t need to convert it to a mesh and then get the export for AutoCAD.)

What is the solution?

Might this work. GG is a real expert at SAP: Geometry Gym: Update to Rhino/Grasshopper plugin to SAP2000

Thank you for your answer

I could not work with this plugin according to the video guide .
Also, I have never worked with Grasshopper.

Do you have any recommendations for using this plugin?