Importing rhino model to SAP

hello everyone,
i am a newbie here. i am trying to import a rhino model to SAP. i just recieved my ;liscence from john and ran the command ggIFCZZLicenseUpdate.
it seems to work but my problem is that i created the rhino model by baking the script in grasshopper and it seems to start the SAP program but there is no geometry that has been imported.
final for bake (42.2 KB)
final for bake.3dm (7.6 MB)

Hi Kushagra,

Thanks for posting. Structural analysis models are an approximation and idealization of the represented structure. Typically you need to simplify a structure comprising walls and slabs to a series of planar surfaces with coicident edges. Automatically detecting this from polysurface geometry is a difficult task, and we don’t have a method to do this.

Also, you’re using the IFC bake component, but we have dedicated SAP2000 components to interface
directly with SAP. Refer to the examples here SAP2000 Examples - Geometry Gym



thank you for replying. but is there a way i can perform a simple analysis on the rhino platform itself using the SAP components.
I was just trying to import the geometry somehow but it didnt work. i created IFC project details as well.