Make 3dSurface for Autocad


How should the faces made in Rhino that be read to finally as “3Dsurface” in AutoCAD?

I always use 2007 Solids for export to DWG (for AutoCAD, Civil3D).

Did the answer of yesterday not help? Rhinoceros to sap2000 - #2 by pascal

Thanks for your answer.
In this way , in autocad show surface as region.

Do I need to change settings?

If you convert your objects into meshes before exporting, you will get 3D surfaces.

Thank you for your answer

In this way the problem is, after importing in AutoCAD, a surface has themany number of 3dfaces according to all the mesh parts it has.

And do you have any idea how can I convert different parts of 3dface into one 3d face?
(A method that does not take time
And also, the curve shape does not change and has high accuracy)

You need to talk to the SAP2000 people about how to do this, obviously very few to nobody here uses it. I don’t know what sort of terrible structural analysis software can’t accept some sort of DWG file without a lot of unnecessary hassle. Presumably they have had customers who have used Rhino before.

Typically that is why you would use the Solids export option and not mesh or 3D face. The analysis software should create the mesh that it needs from the Solids.

that’s the prob right there, just don’t do that part, I’m sure the rest of the workflow is fine :sweat_smile: