Rhino8: GhPython makes Grasshopper takes a long time to start

Recently move to Rhino 8, while developing GH plugins using net48.

It seems when I start to debug with Rhino 8, the GH interface always takes a long time (1-5 min) to start, and the startup progress bar stops at “Loading remote assembly GhPython”…)

Is this related to the fact that I sometimes kill Rhino process directly from VS2022? Or is it possible to temporarily disable the GhPython assembly?

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I do have the same problem…

It disappeared after I restarted and did some clean up.
But I don’t know exactly what caused it. Perhaps the cache folder.

In the past, it happens time to time (after Rhino crash, or after I kill Rhino from VS2022).

Hope some McNeel staff can shed some light here.

We are looking into it, there was a similar report internally the other day, waiting to get more info before creating/posting the youtrack. It is on our radar.

@xliotx Which rhino version? Also when GH is loading and taking a long time, do you see a progress bar on Rhino status bar?

Rhino 8.
Nope, only GH progress bar stopped.

@xliotx Okay. We made a lot of improvements over how the language startup process is reported.

This is cool!

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