Grasshopper start slow

Hi guys, a small problem each time I launch my grasshopper.

It takes almost half of minute to launch it and the progress bar is not showed.

It is because I have too much plug-in?

Go to the folder where you have plugins installed, cut-paste it somewhere into another folder and check if it helps. After that you should be able to put these plugin files back to the same folder, so it will load again.

Yes, I tried that, and grasshopper did launch faster.
But again, the progress bar will disappear after 10%.

I think there is someting wrong when load GHpython.
And also, the progress bar still not fix

Hi guys,
I run my rhino with safe mode, I when I launch grasshopper again, it will remind me that some things wrong with ghpython. How I can solve this?


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Did you solved the problem?