Need urgent help. GH freezes at start!

I updated Rhino 7, and now GH freezes up at GH start. To be clear, Rhino works normally, but when I try to start GH, GH freezes up at it’s start screen.

Any idea what may have gone wrong and how to fix? Thank you!

What does the start screen show?

It gets stuck at this (please see image). No error message. Thank you.

you mean updated from a previous release of Rhino 7?
or updated from a previous version like Rhino 6 or 5?

Do you have any plugins file/folders here?
C:\Users\ ***YOUR USER NAME*** \AppData\Roaming\Grasshopper\Libraries

Thank you. That was the problem. Deleted some plugins and then GH worked.

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I have a similar problem but it comes out of it after a few minutes, definitely plugin related but I wouldn’t know where to start to find the problem, my screen doesn’t even go wide enough for me to count how many I have. I need an intervention on my addiction, it’s been years since I’ve even seen plugin names.

I’d start by going through the plug-in’s in the grasshopper components folder (File → Special Folders → Components Folder). Move anything you don’t use frequently to a backup folder (or delete it).

Also run the _PackageManager command from Rhino. Check the Installed tab and uninstall any infrequently used items.

If you find that you need something you removed you can add it back later. Pay attention to see if and when your problem returns.


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