Rhino7 Contour Bug

Dear Friends,

I found a bug in Rhino7(maybe). If I use [contour] command (in Rhino or Grasshopper). It will have broken curves in Rhino7, but no problem in Rhino6. The image describes this. And GH file is also attached here.
Thank you very much!
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Liu Shengyu

Contour Bug.gh (116.0 KB)

Hi @liushengyu19920315 ,
try adjusting your Rhino file tolerances. The contour worked in RH7 for me, with 0.1mm absolute tolerance.

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Hi Toni,
Thank you very much.
I use the tolerances method, but not working.

After setting the tolerance, remember to refresh Grasshopper solution (F5).

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Thank you, Toni, for this time it works!
But I also want to know why have different results based on the same absolute tolerance, between Rhino6 and Rhino7.
Thanks a lot!

Absolute tolerance of 0.1 is larger than recommended.

That is a reasonable question.