Split tolerance bug?

Hello all,

I think I hit an odd bug while trying to split a curve. I am trying to split the red isocurve with the two blue curves. The blue curves were OffsetCrvOnSrf from the tan curves which came from the Intersections between the two green surfaces.

When I try in Rhino 7, I get the “Curves do not intersect or many not be in tolerance of each other” error. I tried to Pull all three curves onto the same surface and they still will not split or trim.

Copy and Paste into Rhino 6.19 and it all works just fine.
Split isocurve bug.3dm (1.3 MB)

Are 5 & 6 both set to the same tolerance?

The Model Absolute Tolerance is set to 0.001 mm in both the Rhino 6 & 7 files. Is that the correct type of tolerance I should be checking?

I get the same results. Splits in V6 but not in V7 (7.0.19295.11595, 10/22/2019). However Intersect in V7 results in points where the curves intersect. Definately looks like a bug.

I used Hide to get the surfaces out of the way, and in the Top view, had no trouble Splitting the Red curve using the two Cyan curves in V6.

V7 complains. I’ll do more digging…


Turned off the layers with the surfaces and neither Top view nor Perspective view work for me in V7.

RH-55400 is fixed in the latest WIP