Weird Curve to Curve Intersection

Hello together,

i´ve encountered an anomalie in Grasshopper using the Curve To Curve Intersection.

I have list of curves arranged like a star and try to trim it with a circle in middle (aka cutting the middle out of it).

Before you ask, im aware that there are other methods to achieve this goal but i need a robust one for every geometry of curves. Basically the circle is a placeholder, and every curve that passes its gets trimmed.

Anyways back to the anomaly. As you can see there are intersections in empty space. I think it has to do with tolerances, because if i dont project everything on the surfce this thing gets more funky then now.

Also it´s weird that after shattering the curves at the provided “t” i get one flipped curve, using ListItem to get the first item of each tree. After checking start and endpoint of each curve, they all start in the center and end at the edges (how its supposed to be).

I attached some images and the code, where you can have a look at the different aspects of my problem. TBH Trim Curves with Region would also be fine but somehow does´nt work. (11.8 KB)


Unable to duplicate your problem, works fine for me in R7.

Thank you for replying.

I checked it on another machine also and could´nt reproduce it. Must be a local problem with my Rhino 7.

The absolute tolerance in Rhino Unitssettings was the MF causing the problem.
After changing it you have to reload the script or at least problem causing component, for everyone reading this.


So what setting of ‘absolute tolerance’ causes the problem? (and why were you using it?)

Mine was already 0.001.

My setting was at 0.01 units, and my colleague had it at 0.001, so I changed it; otherwise, I wouldn’t have looked into it.