Rhino6 for Windows - points have become block instance

I use a Nikon NPL-350 total station and a TDS Nomad data collector. I use ForeSight DXM to create a .dxf file from the raw data. I know this is old school tech, but it’s worked for me until upgrading to R6.
Upon importing the .dxf file into R6, the “points” are no longer “points,” they are now “block instances.” Hence, Osnap will not snap to the “points” even though they visually like like a “point.”
Is there a solution for what I hope will be an easy fix (@pascal)?

Hello -
You can Explode or ExplodeBlock to get at the points - does that do it? Are you opening the dxf, importing, or Inserting? Send us one of these if you can’t get it sorted.


From File -> Import. This resulted in the points becoming block instances.

However, your inquiry prompted further exploration.

  1. From File -> Open. This, too, resulted in the points becoming block instances.

  2. From File -> Insert. “Insert as” I selected Block instance, Of course, this resulted in the all items becoming one block, and while I can Osnap on individual points, I cannot edit one point without changing all.

  3. From File -> Insert. “Insert as” selected As Group. While I can ungroup all objects, the points are still becoming block instances.

  4. From File -> Insert. “Insert as” selected Individual Object, this resulted in the points becoming block instances, as well.

Yes, Explode works, and gets to the point. But point ID and description get converted into curves.

Hello - you might luck out, with the points you care about the same as the insertion points of the blocks- in that case, ExtractPt on the instances will get them as point objects and not disturb the blocks.


Luck be gotten. Boom baby!
Thanks, that saved me a bazillion hours.
Be well. K