Hatches save as block instances in .dxf

eagle.3dm (2.9 MB)

When I try to save this as a .dxf, the hatches are all turned into block instances, and the file becomes massive. Can someone tell me why?

Dunno, if I export the original, - 87 curves and 87 hatches - as .dxf “2018 Natural” for example on import I get 87 curves and 87 hatches… Export .dxf file size 6Mb - about twice the size of the original .3dm, but that’s to be expected, .dxf files are just text and are always bigger than binary.

Thanks for trying, It hadn’t occured to me to change the type of .DXF… I don’t have “2018 Natural” as an option…R12 lines and arcs and R12 natural give the block instance problem. 2007 Natural nearly works, but a couple of the hatches are missing…I wonder if it’s possible to download the newer types of DXF, or are they hiding somewhere in my installation? (version 7)

I’m using V8… Checking in V7, with 2007 Natural all 87/87 are exported/reimported correctly here.

I am surprised that R12 exports blocks - I wasn’t aware of any option that would actually create blocks from non-block items on export. But it looks like that does happen, I get 7 blocks on re-import if I export as R12.

That the file size explodes with R12 doesn’t surprise me, all curves will be tessellated and exploded, the result will be zillions of tiny line segments.

small logo.3dm (2.1 MB)
small logo.dxf (7.6 MB)

Thanks again for your help. Sorry-the image I uploaded was part of a larger file, some of the hatches disappear on the larger version when converting to dxf (not on the original I uploaded, as you say)- any idea why?

I tried running “convert” to eliminate any NURBS curves-but it didn’t make a difference.

Changing from R12 has eliminated all of the spontaneous block creations.