Importing DXF files with blocks

Hey guys, I’m having some issues inserting .dxf files from Fusion 360. I’ve exported a 1:1 scale drawing of a sheetmetal part, from Fusion 360, which includes a “bend table” to identify the bends and their bend angles… The first drawing inserts into Rhino fine, but each drawing I import thereafter shows the same bend table as the first. They come in as blocks, so I guess its a referencing issue. Any ideas? I’ve tried various settings that Rhino prompts me with, but no solutions yet.

Thanks in advance,

I don’t know the purpose of your operation, but I have a similar flow, I drag and drop the files using the “insert” function into one group per file, and then I process the geometries through elements of the Elefront plugin.

Here is the link to my definition:

Hi Phillippe, thank you for the response, and my apologies for taking so long to respond! Unfortunately I’m not so clued-up with grasshopper as you. I think my solution in the end was to ensure that I exploded the blocks before importing the next one…

Thanks again.