ExplodeBlock AllBlocks creates duplicates

I noticed that if we use the ExplodeBlock command with the AllBlocks option (to explode any nested block instances) Rhino does do the exploding, but creates a duplicate of the objects. If you cursor select the blocks instead of selecting all, it doesn’t create the duplicate.

Run it again, and it adds another copy:




Hi Dan - I don’t see that here in the latest - locally made blocks, so far, not inserted from external files or linked…


I’m testing in 6.4.

Hi Dan - Yep, thanks - got that - I am going back to 6.4 shortly to try…

@DanBayn , I cannot reproduce this so far - does it happen with any block for you?


Hi Pascal,

Sorry for the late response, I’ve been off all week. Yes, I believe it happens on all blocks after importing the STEP file. Not sure if importing the STEP file is a factor, but it doesn’t seem like it should be. However, that’s the only time we encounter block instances that need exploding.