Rhino5 vs Moi

I’ve tried out Moi3d and found Moi3d has better (IMO) toolTips when you draw - popups tell you when it’s horizontal or vertical - or at a set angle to whatever space you’re in - plus - a MOUSEOVER quickly highlights in a bright color - enabling one to see what’s active. Rhino - in a mouseover of something - just shows BOLD black - not as clearly distinguishes as Moi3d, Moi3d seems to know in advance what you’re seeking to draw towards intuitively. It’s a lot easier to draw in Moi3d because it’s quick to tell you the angles - it does the same thing as Rhino 5, only better, plus you can use scripts & settings to customize enhancing the ability to select - and position as you draw. It would be cool if Rhino were able to beef up the intuitive way one selects, and what’s ALREADY mouseover’d, with a color - it seems Rhino has less AI and is falling behind Moi3d in this respect - however, the ICE CREAM COLOR interface of Moi3d is dreadful.

Sounds like you should get Moi.

Or you could learn how to use SmartTrack, how to adjust Rhino colours, how to use cursor tool tips, how to create macros and scripts, etc.


IMO is only modelling tool, but rhino is a platform for cad.

MoI 3D maybe nicer and more functional designend, but Rhino is the all rounder for anything. Rhino give a lot of powerful tools which you will not find on MoI3D. It’s a question of your need.

Smart track is new to me. I found this clip https://youtu.be/iV_fBWrCJGI

How do you setup the command window like he has it on the left side? I wasn’t aware of smarttrack - however - I’d like the area on the mouseover to highlight a different color…

You buy a Mac and a license for Rhino for Mac.

I’m not sure which color you refer to. Under Rhino Options > Appearance > Colors you can set colors for interface objects. The colors for SmartTrack are under Rhino Options > Modeling Aids > SmartTrack.
When snapping to objects, Rhino uses the object color to highlight snapping.

Do you mean hover-over colour changes for object selection like this:

My only use of MOI continues to be meshing Nurbs models created in Rhino and/or imported from other MCAD packages.

The explicit meshing parameters of Moi’s OBJ export allow you to create really good meshes as a starting point to refine/retopologize in Modo or any other subD package. I’m hoping the Quad-mesher from @DavidEranen in V6 (QuadMesh prototype command available in latest WIP) gets more attention someday again so I can do this in Rhino, but It would have to be as good and fast control as MOI has today.

Also all-quads is not the best solution if you are going to continue to work on it in SubDs, you need areas with less density via ngons. I know some people think this is a sin, but we all work differently.


I’m not certain the clips uploaded - here are some screeenShots:


Thiebault -
Moi3D does INDEED have some workflow features designed to enhance productivity, without forcing the user to “learn” the internals so they can debug fails they encounter when modeling, as in RHINO. Most of the “commands” in RHINO are there for helping the user discover what went wrong with the results of a routine used to accomplish a specific purpose, and fix the fail. Also, the Moi interface seems to focus on user effectiveness, in the areas you mentioned, with what I’d add as - a focus on entity selection, which has been one of my long standing frustrations with RHINO. Why they seem to have decided that selecting the far-most behind or earliest drawn entity rather than the foremost and latest is beyond me, but responses to my questions and input has been frustrating, to say the least ! Also, that I can’t get through a single model without devolving through the curve level, all the way down to manipulating individual points to get what should have been a simple operation to succeed, has been a source of multiple requests to tech support. At this point, I actually create my models one face at a time, joining them, and spending my time checking and double checking for closed polysurfaces before moving on to the next step. I also struggle with RHINO’s frustrating lack of attention to such basics as successful filleting. Rather than managing the incident faces, a fillet will almost CERTAINLY fail, and one suggested workaround is to make sure that the coincident fillet radiuses decrease in radius size, as you add additional fillets ! Still,as an integrated single modeler to use as a base of operations, RHINO is strong, and the ability to see through the component in front to select a feature of the one behind, makes it a stand-out. If there was an Moi plugin for RHINO, that’d be a real “best of both worlds” kind of solution ! Best to all, - C.

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Exactly! Exactly! I’ve been a Rhino user since 1997, always THOSE problems you mentioned! Maybe Pascal can make a 1-2 custom scripts where you can checkbox to connect to “last ____” and they will rewrite FILLET? Those commands and selection issues are the Achilles heel of Rhino, it’s like having a bad flat tire!

Well communicated my friend!
What do you think of 3d Coat?

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DISCLAIMER - If you are arguably sensitive, cowardly or fussy - and prone to panic or easily upset - read at your own risk - and please be kind, don’t go snivel to get me banned - just ignore and read no more:


Here’s a SIDE-BY-SIDE comparison illustrating how ‘lame’ SmartTrack is compared to Moi3d’s in reference to FAST-SIMPLE- INTUITIVE selection, which is easy-on-the-eyes to see - which makes work much more FLUID & PLEASURABLE - not to mention - PRACTICAL. Both the VIVID manner in which the tools POP intuitively to help you work - the more of a pleasure it is to work - because you work FASTER with less exasperation. Certainly the SELECTION as well as the GPS style in terms of APPARENT ‘where is your cursor’ is HEAVEN. Futhermore - the FILLET tool works seamlessly - as Charles wrote - if only Moi3d was a plugin for Rhino! Then we’d have the best of both worlds. Rhino? You realize you have a flat tire here? Let’s gas up and get the selection & fillet pumped up -
Mortimer ThunderBeard


Solution: Use both, side by side, and Copy&Paste inbetween (works fine, at least with R5). That’s what I do, problem solved. :slight_smile:

// Rolf

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When I use shaded or rendered display mode, Rhino selects the foremost object. In other words, when one object is in front of another object, Rhino selects object that is close to me.

Ah, thank you for pointing this out. I’ve been pulling my hair over this since I most often use only Ghosted mode.

Good to know!

// Rolf

One of the best kept secrets! I didn’t know that, and been using Rhino 20 years!

Now, if there were a SETTING (Script, Plugin) where you could SELECT OPTIONS such as highlight COLOR, THICKNESS, STYLE & the ‘proximity’ and click or 2x-click to select between possibities - … yeah!

Definitely the SELECT feature is lame, along with the FILLET. I’d say LOCATION is everything, and FILLET is lame.

If I can’t get T-Splines in v6, the only thing that would make me jump are these two aforementioned improvements - and better FLOW ON SURFACE, with Merge Surfaces made by NETWORK CURVES.

That would fix the flat!

You need to lobby the Moi developers, not the Rhino developers, to create an Moi plug-in for Rhino.

You can choose color of selected objects - Options, Appearance, Colors. I agree that thick highlight would be very useful.

I do not understand “location.” I agree that Rhino Fillet command is not reliable. Rhino has many selection commands. They are explained in Rhino help file chapter named “Selection commands.”

They banned me for redesigning the layout and reverse engineering it so it was totally modded-out! I did away with the adolescent ice cream GUI and it was all grown up.

It was a new Rhino - slightly different - strong as hell in intuitive selection capabilities!

As you move your cursor it tells you the angles and dotted lines appear - it was as if SmartTrack really was smart! Really smart, as in genius!

Moi3d furthermore let you pick colors, highlight sizes - it was a marvel - went back to Rhino and it was like going back to Jurassic Park by comparison!

Now if McNeel REPAIRS SmartTrack so it really does what it should do better than POOR - and adds the CUSTOMIZATION OPTIONS to it / then Rhino has a horn!

However the FILLET - and not being able to MERGE network curve surfaces for Flow on Surface is another flat footed tool.

After 20 years of Rhino use they don’t have this buffed-up? And then Zi have to give up T-Splines for Grasshopper when Moi3d has to die for nodes already and cost 50% LESS?

Trouble is, the Moi3d clique wants to keep it with ICE CREAM COLORS & 70’s Fallout 3 colored icons and Michael Gibson had enough of my customization - even on “Custom GUI” topics! So I don’t have Moi3d, and now I’m in the wasteland with clunky SmartTrack in Rhino, facing headaches doing a SELECT click!

I’m frustrated that there’s no FILLET that really works / it’s an excuse for a Fillet tool!