Total newbie Help request with orbit and magic mouse 2

Hi, I’m new so be kind… or else :smile:

I have downloaded an evaluation copy of Rhino with a view to using it to replace Sketchup as my CAD to use package.
I am working my way through tutorials but i cannot for the life of me get my magic mouse2 to do what it is supposed to do.
According to the tutorial right click and cmd should allow me to orbit in perspective and it doesn’t. I cannot for the life of me find a way to orbit in perspective, any offers?
best regards,

how about just using right-click & hold (no command key)

does that work for you?

(otherwise, it would be left-click + control key… this is a different mac equivalent of a standard right-click)

That works, the ctrl + left click works every time. The right click and hold manages this 50% of the time. Sorted for me. Thank you Jeff

no problem.

i’m not really familiar with apple mice and definitely not with the mm2.

but the way rhino is designed to be used is that orbiting happens on the right mouse button… some others with magic mouse experience may chime in with solutions/idea to get the right mouse button working for you more reliably…

So far Rhino appears to be living up to replacing Sketchup for me. Hopefully a few hours more on the tutorials will see me right.

fwiw, i was a heavy sketchup user since 2003…
i don’t use it at all anymore (unless i’m trying to access indigo render… (rhino model to sketchup to indigo))

maybe set aside a bit more than ‘a few hours’ for the transition but… :wink:

In Rhino Preferences > Mouse > Mouse, at the bottom, under “Right Mouse Button”, you can disable the context menu, or set the delay to a longer time. Mine is at 300 msec. See if that helps you.