Perpendicular Guidelines


Farily new user here. I really like the perpendicular guidelines which you find in sketchup. It helps you to sketchu up guidelines for placement of windows very fast.

I’ve only found guidelines in rhino which goes the same direction. Is there any similiar tools in rhino?

Any help much appreciated :slight_smile:

if i understood you correct you should be having fun with object snaps, in particular the perpendicular snaps.


Thanks for the response. But I don’t think does quite do it. I’m more looking for something similar to this, if that exist in rhino?

Hello - not exactly the same, but two things may help - SmartTrack and Guides (AddGuide)


Thanks Pascal :smiley:
Ill play around with it and see if I find a workflow!
Always a pain when you go between softwares and need to develop new habits and workflows.

Thanks again!