Rhino5.TLB on Windows 8-64 bit

I have a plug-in written in VB6 where I connect Rhino 5 with this code:

Set Rhino = CreateObject(“Rhino4.Interface”)
Set RhinoScript = Rhino.GetScriptObject()

This code does not works in Windows 8-64 bit. I registered the Rhino5.TLB and RhinoScript.TLB with REGTLIBV32 and for both files the registration was done successfully. But my plug-in always give me the same error: ActiveX component can’t create object.
Any help well be very appreciated.

Try substituting this line:

Set Rhino = CreateObject(“Rhino5x64.Interface”)

It works in Win 7 64-bit, but not sure about Win8. It’s worth a try.


I tried with:

Set Rhino = CreateObject(“Rhino5.Interface”)

Now it works fine.

Thanks a lot Dan. Bye.