Running a 32bit dll with createObject("...") in a Rhino5 64bit script


is it possible to start a 32bit dll with CreateObject() Commands, for example createObject(“WshDialog.Kit”), in a Rhino5 64bit script?
With Rhino5 32bit it works well, but in Rhino5 64bit an Error Dialog pops up with the Message
“ActiveX-…can’t create…”


Does this help?

hi dale,

thank’s for this Info.

that link looked really interesting, unfortunately it doesn’t exist anymore :frowning:. I hoped it would help me solving that problem:
I want to add a link in my GH C# self written components help windows. When clicked, it would open an url in Chrome (and not in IE).
So for that purpose I added that piece of html in the HtmlHelp_Source:

        var javaScript =
            "<script type=\"text/javascript\">" +
            "function openURL(){" +
            "var shell = new ActiveXObject(\"\");" +
            "\"Chrome " + _helpPageURL + "\");" +


        var advanceHelpTag = $"<BR><a href=\"#\" onclick=\"openURL()\" value=\"_blank\">Advanced help</a><BR>";

When I save the resulting html into a hta file and execute, I does what expected, however, when I click the link from inside Grasshopper comes the well known error:
“activexobject automation server can’t create object”

I couldnt find anything that brought me further by the usual help canals. Any help appreciated, thank you!

Maybe this is helpful?

– Dale