Rhino3d compatibility inquiry for Apple iPadOS

When I open a .3dm file containing a mesh object in the Rhino3d application on Apple iPadOS, the file does not open. Is it possible to open only NURBS data?

Hi -

The Rhino3d application does not run on iOS - is this a question about iRhino3d, the iOS viewer for Rhino files?
If so, I believe that all objects need to have display meshes attached to them to be able to view them. Saving the 3dm file in Rhino with a viewport in a shaded display mode will create those.

I was referring to the app in the iPad App Store. The viewer you mentioned is correct.
But the question I asked is that a .3dm file containing a general polysurface or single surface object opens as well as the image attachment below, but the file containing a mesh object does not open in the processing state like the last image, so I wrote a question.

Hi -

I don’t have an iOS device to test this on, but the following post seems to suggest that both the render meshes and regular mesh objects are read by the app:

Perhaps there is something out of the ordinary with the meshes in that one file? Can you post that here?

The attachment does not open even though it is a simple object converted from a simple polysurface cylinder to _Mesh. A typical polysurface object file can be opened with no problem even with a file of several hundred megabytes.
메쉬.3dm (60.4 KB)

I hope that the 7 version save file compatibility and subd object can also be opened.

Hi Flawless -
There won’t be any updates to the app in the foreseeable future.
You might want to look into one of the web apps that can read 3dm files.


It’s a pity that there are no plans yet.
thanks for the help though

I agree…None of those web apps worked for me. Todays iPads and iPhones have plenty of graphics and processor power to view any of my models. I’d gladly pay $200 for a viewing app that worked well.