New iPad free Rhino viewer is totaly out of order

I updated old Rhino free Ipad app and it is totaly disfunctional on IPAD; only on Ipad and Icloud acesses can be built up but do not download anything, the app just crashes anyhow! Problem is even that announced access to Dropbox etec is not granted but promised!

In my view of Customert since many yearson RHINO V3->V7 and Whip V8 …this is a bad joke of programming to release just a diseaster like that! Whats going in in Rhino Programm departement! Kindly:

Hej Hans -
As below, please provide the iPad model information for your device.


Please provide details about your iPad model. This can be found under settings…general…about. We’ll need this so we know which iPad model to test with. If you can share a 3dm file that is crashing the app, this would help us in trying to repeat the crash that you are seeing.

If we can repeat the crash, we should be able to release an update to the app with a fix in a short amount of time.

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iPad Air 5th generation
Http import just stalls out and does nothing (please get rid of the http text it’s just in the way because we paste in the url

Also need seamless Dropbox integration- point to the folder and open files. Right now Dropbox won’t show any files or folders when logged in

Http import? Are you using the old version of iRhino? Does it look like this when you open the app?

Hi, sorry to jump into the conversation like this, but I too have big problems with the app on my iPad Pro (10.5 inch, and using latest iOS 16.1.1) and my app does look like the one you screenshoted here… Is it the wrong version of the app?

The problem with the app I have btw is that as soon as I click on one of the samples to try them out (logo, espresso, radio) the app crashes and I get thrown out to the home screen. Can’t upload or load any other file as well… Here’s the short video of how it looks like: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software | Loom


Hi Sven, that is the correct version of the app. We know about this crash on certain iPad models and are actively working on a fix. Hopefully we’ll have an updated version of the app very soon that resolves this issue.

@hans_erdmann, @Sven_Duplić and @matt15 we just released an update (version 8.0.22334) that I’m hoping will fix iRhino for your iPads. Please update and let us know if this version is working.

Thanks for the update - the demo files seem to work but other files do not, as can be seen in this video

… and another one where I can open one of the files, but with a catch…

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Thanks for testing. Would it be possible to send me one of the files that is causing the app to crash? If I can repeat the crash, I should be able to get this fixed pretty quick.

Here’s the one that I managed to open (2nd video)

And here’s the one from the 1st video (that I didn’t manage to open at all)

Hi @Sven_Duplić ,
Thanks for posting the files you’re having issues with. Both open fine on my iPad and display modes seem to work as expected.
Mine is iPad Pro (11-inch) (3rd Generation) though, we’ll have to find a device like yours in order to reproduce the issue.

I was able to repeat the crash on an older iPad Pro. We’re looking into it.

We just released a new version of iRhino on the AppStore that should fix the crashes being seen on certain iPads and iPhones.

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I find that this new version of iRhino works flawlessly abs a viewer on 3rd Gen iPad Pro. I am disappointed that it does not allow content creation.

Thanks for letting us know that iRhino is working on your iPad. We’re working on new features all of the time. Are there any specific content creation type features that you are hoping to see?

No Steve, nothing in particular. I do fairly simple solar models for woodworking projects.
Just now learning Rhino 3D for Mac.

Hi Steve B and McNeel, I have an iPad Pro 12.9" 5th Gen (2021 model) and just loaded iRhino 3D from the App Store and it’s working perfectly - WOW what an incredible tool this is!

I was able to bring several different 3DM models into the app from my business OneDrive account where I store my work, the models loaded quickly and without issue. One was rendered with lighting and an environment and the responsiveness when manipulating the model view angle or zoom by pinching or swiping was AMAZING, nearly real time with render updates on the Pro. Wow, Wow, Wow.

Also I tried the AR Rendering on another model and it worked great on the first go, what a terrific tool with enormous potential you all have put together. I echo the comments elsewhere about being able to set a model position on a surface and scale it, can’t wait til you guys get there with that!

Keep up the great work and thanks so much for this very nice way to take my Rhino models with me where ever I have my iPad Pro or phone.


I’m glad to hear that @Thomas_Baum

The AR mode is still very much an experimental feature and we’re hoping to improve model placement and anchoring in future releases.