Rhino working really slow


Today i have been working on Rhino and grasshopper but out of no where my Rhino starts to react slow while grasshopper file is 818 kB. When i try to rotate my model in Rhino, its working really slow. I have a i7Core 7th Gen. nvidia quadro m1200 with 16GB of RAM.

This just happend today. Maybe because of the new update of Rhino?

Yours sincerly,


Hi Gieogio - without GH, does Rhino behave normally?


Hi Pascal,
Without GH it works normal. the viewports of Rhino become very slow. Rotate around the structure and even zoom in and out. I def think its Rhino and the viewports. Cause even when i select some components in GH, it still keep re-drawing kind of. I saw on the forum that im not the only one with this problem.