Rhino 7 + Grasshopper

Hello I am using Grasshopper in Rhino 7, version 7.5.21100.03002, 2021-04-10. Iti s a very simple GH file.
When navigating in canvas and adding elements it behaves very slow and sluggish.

I also have a Bootcamp with Windows 10 in the same computer. When running the same file in Windows 10 it behaves totally different. Much more fluid and responsive.

This is related to a local configuration of Rhino in Mac o ir is a software issue?

My computer specifications are:

Nombre del modelo: MacBook Pro
Identificador del modelo: MacBookPro14,2
Nombre del procesador: Intel Core i5 de dos núcleos
Velocidad del procesador: 3,1 GHz
Cantidad de procesadores: 1
Cantidad total de núcleos: 2
Caché de nivel 2 (por núcleo): 256 KB
Caché de nivel 3: 4 MB
Tecnología Hyper-Threading: Activado
Memoria: 8 GB
Versión del firmware del sistema: 429.
Versión SMC (sistema): 2.44f6

It might be related to your macOS version, updating may help. Run the command SystemInfo in Rhino 7 for Mac if not and post that text file as well as the GH file and the steps to compare between Mac and Win Rhino 7 GH.

Hello Brian:

One thing I have noticed is that by lowering the screen resolution the behaviour improves.

The OS is updated.

To compare just open the same GH file in Bootcamp. All configurations are default.

Kind regards.

Puente.gh (25.3 KB)

SystemInfo.txt (5.29 KB)

can you post the Grasshopper file here?