Much Slower Rhino WIP Upon Opening Grasshopper

Maybe it’s my video driver, or something, not sure, but opening Grasshopper is dramatically slowing down Rhino. I’m working in 2D, top view, wireframe. Panning slows quite noticeably, as does zooming and general navigation around the drawing. This is happening even with no active Grasshopper definition. Closing Grasshopper doesn’t help, navigation is slow until I restart Rhino WIP.

Is anyone else noticing this? My workstation is an antique, so maybe it’s to be expected, but Rhino WIP is nice and fast until I open Grasshopper.


I haven’t seen this slowdown in the viewport speed after opening Grasshopper. What OS are you using? I’d try running Windows update and make sure all the .Net framework updates succeed. Your display driver idea is worth exploring too… if you don’t have luck with updating that as well, post a screenshot of Options>View>OpenGL.

Any luck?

The OS is Windows 7 Professional. All .Net framework updates and video driver updates are now installed. I’m still seeing this lag on two different machines. It may be the file I’m working on that is contributing to the lag? I’m working with make2d line drawings from a mix of high resolution organic meshes and nurbs (file size about 60 MB).

The second is a laptop running Windows 7 Ultimate, admittedly much faster, but still I’m getting a noticeable panning and zooming lag.

Thanks for the extra info. You had mentioned the slowdown happened without a GH def open but if it seems more prevalent with a specific file, please forward it to or post it here.

The common thread between the two systems is the Quadro family of GPU. Check out this page please and see if the performance settings suggestions have any effect.

Brian, thanks for following up. I’m still seeing a lag with the Global Settings for Quadro GPUs set to Workstation App - Dynamic Streaming. I emailed the file I’ve been using to

I see it here too with your model using a non-Quadro card. I filed it confidentially in our system and @stevebaer will be taking a look ASAP. Thanks for sending it in!