Crash on Launch

Rhino WIP crashes on launch while attempting to contact the license server. Window freezes, cursor turns to beachball when over the splash screen or the attached error message window. “Cancel” and “Login Now” buttons are unclickable. Have to force quit the app.
Unfortunately, as the file I’m attempting to open was created in V6, I can’t fall bacd to V5 to open this file.

See if you can login using the Web interface and check your Licenses there.

Any luck?

Thanks, John - I’m not sure if this is pertinent, but here’s what I see on my Licenses page:

I think these are the steps for the work-around:

HI john - finally had a chance to follow your instructions; fixed it! Sent the cloudzoo.txt file to AJ. Thanks for your help, and HAPPY NEW YEAR!