Rhino WIP 8 UX - Object Properties

Minor suggestion for for the object properties tab:
It may be useful to add degree and point count directly to the the object properties menu without having to use the “details” button. Also whether a curve is subd friendly or not.


I was playing with this idea, but think the object properties tab is way to overcrowded to add it there. What about something like this:


Yes. This would be a great alternative. I like the fact that the Curve info dialogue doesn’t lock the the viewport. I will often import data from other sculptors and want to see this info at a glance. A similar example for surfaces you’d be equally as useful in my opinion. I don’t always want to call _Rebuild in order to see this data or turn on control points to get an idea of the spans or degree.

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@Gijs, A dockable panel like that would be great. A few requests for the info panel:

  • it shows the last selected object for multi-selects
    • ^ useful for figuring out a set of crvs to send to _Loft Loose
  • obj name if user assigned via Properties
  • context info by obj type, not a static set of fields
    • Pt: location
    • Line/Polyline: bbox size, start, end, len, spans, open/closed
    • Arc/Circle: start, end, len, arc center, radius
    • Crv: bbox size, start, end, len, deg/spans
    • PolyCrv: bbox size, start, end, len, segments count, closed/open
    • Srf: bbox size, U deg/spans, V deg/spans
    • PolySrf: bbox size, srf count, open/closed
    • Block: bbox size, block def name, up to date (linked), non/uniform scaled

I’d omit easily inferred info, i.e. line or polyline are both deg1, line doesn’t need a span count, but polyline does, an arc’s radius gives more info than bounding box size, etc. That way, you can give the info box a higher info density.

Why not generalize this (non-modal, dockable) dialog for any object? Curves, breps, … with length, area, volume…
Reminds me of the “object info” panel in archicad.

When curves are selected, why are these properties displayed?