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Hi Pascal, I was wondering if there is a script or macro that tells a person the length of a curve when it is chosen? This means not using Length or Distance. An example would be in laying out an object with reference curves and you want to click on a curve to make sure it is correct. Somwhere in a command line or other place it shows that length. I always use length now, but looking for one less step. I am sure you all have something out there. Thank you,Mark

You might try Bubble for Rhino by Asuni CAD here:

You can choose what info you want to see:

Thanks Fred, I will look into it. --Mark

Hi Mark - I’d say Bubble is your best bet.


Hi Pascal,
We talked about this in the last V5 beta is that these simple object properties like length should be displayed directly in the properties tab of the object. Now one has to select the object then click on the details just to find the length which is buried at the bottom of mostly useless information for most people. But length etc all the info which is in the edit box command in my mind should be in properties too.
Where the detail tab is currently an area should be displayed with more information maybe the box edit info and the details tab which is kind of useless should be just a small button somewhere on the tab. And if multiple objects are selected something needs to be done there too but that’s another discussion.
I wished for v5 that the properties tab would be looked at and made more functional hope this can be tuned for V6 I think McNeel is missing an opportunity to make this better.

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Hi Mark,

See if the attached GH file works for you.

Len&Dis.gh (9.3 KB)

There is another option, my boss uses this all the time.
If you dock the “boxedit” command when ever you highlight any object it will give you the details about it. Maybe more than what you are looking for but it can come in handy.

Thanks everyone for these options. —Mark