Editable Degree and Control Point count in object properties panel - A Wish


Is it possible to see degree and control point count of surfaces and curves explicitly in object properties panels? I know it is there; can be reached in “Object Description” popup once “Details” button is clicked (or with “What” command). But, for many of us, it will be more streamlined if we could see these values directly in the panel. Even better would be to be able to edit them there as well, say, changing a curve from degree 3 to degree 5 by simple clicking on the degree count number.

If this is not easy to implement, an intermediately solution would be to make Object Description popup easy to read. As it looks like a simple text document with the same font for everything, it take a moment to find what you are looking for in it. It would be great if it had some structure: section dividers, titles with a different font, content information in blocks, etc.

seeing is is one thing, being able to see it and adjust it in the same place would be even better!

to be fair, you can see all this info in the rebuild dialog, but it’s not as easy as seeing it in the properties.

Exactly. My intuition is that part of the reason why it is not implemented in Object Properties is that Rhino offers several other ways to get that info. But, indeed, having the editable info directly in Object Properties panel would make it easier and clearer.

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