Rhino Vray Render Anodized metal


Im trying to render something with the anodized metal texture which is in the default material list for vray, however Ive tried all settings including reflection, refraction etc, but the render comes up just as a colour with no texture. I even added spotlight and tried different sun postilions however it still looks like a colour and not anodized metal.

Greatly appreciate any help with this.


Without posting a file or at least an image it is impossible to know what’s going on.


the grey colored item on the far right side of the image is meant to be annodized metal, but as you can see no texture

Metal reflects the environment. Anodized metal will reflect the environment in a blurred way. Your environment looks plain white so that’s probably the reason that things look this flat. What happens if you solo the piece on the right, add some fillets to the corners or a edge fillet bump, and place it in a hdri lit environment?

Do I need an HDRI in that case?

just try one of the HDRI’s you can find here https://hdrihaven.com/ and see for yourself.
Personally I don’t quite often use HDRI for lighting, because I do mostly product rendering and interior, but it can be a good starting point for an outdoor rendering