Rhino vray materials not applying

As seen on the vray render screen some of the wooden louvers do not have the wooden materials applied. I’ve made sure that they are all under the same layer with the same materials applied. But in order for the louver materials to change I had to select all of the louvers by hand and go to the vray materials window and click ‘apply to selection’.
This is so inefficient and bothersome and I do not understand why I can’t change all of the louvers at once when they’re under the same rhino layer. Can someone please tell me what the problem is?

Firstly, using hacked versions of Rhino is not very legal, also patched Rhino versions likely work differently from the official versions. Make sure you get a legal license and install an unhacked version of Rhino.

Other than that make sure your objects are set to have material by layer.

Since V-Ray ask for an update too I suppose so it’s not legal too.