The layer of an object changes to another layer before you know it

When I close the file and reopen it, one object moves to another layer and the material is different. Materials are assigned on an object-by-object or layer-by-layer basis. Is there any problem with this method?
Also, the renderer uses v-ray, but the v-ray settings are not saved no matter how many times I try. If you re-render many times, these problems will occur and you will waste time. Is there any workaround? Or does the trial version only have this kind of bug?

Hello- this sounds like something specific to VRay, is that correct? - have you contacted VRay tech support?


We have not contacted V-Ray technical support. Since V-Ray uses a trial version, technical support is not available. I didn’t have this bug when using V-Ray in SketchUp. Material allocation is done by Rhinoceros, not V-Ray. Is it possible that the layer of Rhinoceros changes due to the renderer?

Hello - can you repeat the problem if the current renderer is Rhino Render? If so please post, or send us ( an example file. Please also include a link back to this topic.