Apply material from layer

Since this morning i cant change material to my layer.
Everytime i tried it crash. When i try to do it it rhino i go to apply by plug in and after when should apper the material list it crash and doesn’t go further.
I tried also to apply a material with the rhino material editor but crashes also with it…
What i can do?
In the beginning i thought it was a v ray problem and i tried with the chaos Group support but they didn’t solve the problem.
can somone help me?

For starters, could you run Rhino in safe mode (i. e. without plug-ins ) and see if you can reproduce the crash?
Also, are you sending in the crash reports that Rhino makes?

thantk you very much. After i run rhino in safe mode, looks working properly even in standard mode… i didn’t have any error message because it looks like loading to open the material editor but it never end to load…
the crazy thing is that we have right now the same problem even whit another computer in the office and it works in standard mode only if at same time we have a file open in safe mode and with the material editor running. if you close the material editor in the safe mode file it stop to work even in the standard rhino file…
it is a new rhino bug?

Hi Luigi- does this behavior persist if VRay is not the current renderer? What if Vray is disabled in Options > Plug-ins (restart Rhino) ?



If I disable vray the rhino material editor works fine… but than what’s the matter? it is a conflict between rhino and vray? what should i do?

Were ChaosGroup able to see the problem at all? And, of course, try a re-boot of the system…


I’ve seen this a few times and it was a dialog box showing behind the Rhino window.
I could get this sorted out by minimizing the main Rhino window.

For about a month since the last update my Rhino I have the same problems.

Often, when I want to assign the material to a layer of frost occurs Rhino and help only the CRTL + ATL + DEL or follows the fall of the Rhino.

Everything else is fully functional. Assign material to the outside layer. (Fall Of Frost)

Help just restart the Windows then is all day (1-3) OK.
I have Windows 7 Pro 64 bit and Rhino and Flamingo NTX 5. All the latest drivers and legal. Previously (3 years), it
never was. I DON’T HAVE VRAY! I have a Flamingo (this is perhaps too McNeel?)
For the first time it happened, when I was a few days without the Internet … I assumed that it is. When it comes to freezing, starts down to the Rhinu LicenceIvisibleForm (not responding)… " When the fall is on the screen crash reports. One is whether it is a complex model or an empty file …it’s always the same!


My problem is different than the Revid’s one. I don’t get any RhinoLicenceIvisibleForm message.
Rhino just not respond when i try to apply a material to a layer., and i have to close the program…
ChaosGroup in not responding anymore to my messages, and i didn’t solve the problem yet…

Hi Revid- have you sent in the crash report? ( “=3” in your second image)


Hi Pascal
Yes, I clicked on: Send messages about errors

It was 4-3 days ago