Rhino viewer

Here is another online option not listed above:


If your share needs are more basic than GrabCad style workgroup management, it does not get any simpler for your viewer party than “here is a link, please take a look at this.” (as long as they have a WebGL browser.) p3D excels at the simple “view” task, and you can make the links private.

A simple viewer with layer support is the MoI3D demo. So far I know the installation can be copied to an USB stick.

Hi @eryar,

Have you made any progress with the viewer/ solution file? I would love to take a look at it and give you some feedback.



Hi @Norsemen23,
I am searching a triangulate mesher for the surface now.
After that can display the faces of the brep in the 3dm file.

You can get the code from the eryar (Shing Liu) · GitHub.

Did any one find anything here for a 3DM Viewer…?

I am also thinking to make a basic viewer and if anyone wants to help test and give me idea please let me know.

Many thanks

Check out Iris (some of you already have). No layers yet, but getting there. Would love your feedback!

p.s. we are talking about it over here: Iris: WebGL Export Plugin for Rhino

Hello Baasab

It’s a good question and it’s something that we have and it allows you to make annotation and export to PDF:

Let me know if you would like to test.


Thanks for the mention diegodx! Our new beta is almost ready, it has improved a lot more.

You can try our new Modelo beta, just sign up at www.modelo.io and we will contact you shortly.
There are many things you can do with our new Modelo, showcasing, mark-up, manage your design files, embed your live 3d design in your portfolio site etc. Below is an example. You can also find a perfect example of embedding 3d viewport from this link: blog.modelo.io/432village

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Isn’t there something of a presentation type app on Rhino news page this week?CL3VER , i think is the name

You gonna know when you try. Modelo is way more simple to use than CL3VER which is also a great app.

X3D is the international standard for interactive 3D graphics: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NCvHxGIzyhs

Rhino can export models to X3D file format: https://docs.mcneel.com/rhino/7/help/en-us/fileio/x3d_x3dv_export.htm

X3D viewer for Google Chrome: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/x3d-viewer/nneaojlgmfmngeckfemdbfpgedgfpgdg

Firefox has built-in X3D viewer. This viewer is less buggy than the Chrome X3D viewer.

Examples of 3D models in X3D file format:

My 6 year old graphics card (Quadro K2000M) was struggling with the Siena Cathedral at 4K resolution.

I exported Simple Rhino 6.16 model to the X3D file format. When I tried to open the X3D file with the X3D viewer for Google Chrome, the viewer displayed the following error message:

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I have opened some of the example shown with no problem and then downloaded the chrome extension but can’t seem to open a Rhino export as .x3d as Andrew has noted. I can’t even get the Viewer to open!

I installed the X3D Viewer Chrome extension and created .x3dv files from Rhino 6 using both export and “Save As…”, but when I try to open the files, I get this:

I can’t find an x3d Scene in this file!

How can I share a Rhino file as 3D with someone who doesn’t have Rhino?

MoI3D can be used as viewer and can be started from an USB stick. Simple copy the program directory should work, so far I know.

Thanks, you mentioned that ~6 years ago… $295 USD? Ouch! http://moi3d.com/

I’ve recommended that my client install the free trial version of Rhino 6. Overkill but there doesn’t seem to be much choice. I’d like to know why Rhino can save .x3dv files but without a “x3d Scene”, so I can’t view them?

Is there no Demo of MoI3D which can be used endless as viewer?

It’s a bit of a work around but if you have adobe account you can use dimension. You can export an OBJ from rhino and save it to the web. Here’s an example from adobe


I agree with Qi Su. I am a Modelo user and believe Modelo is the easiest way to view Rhino models. Moreover, it’s quick! Just on the browser, and don’t need to install any other software!

Qi Su is the CEO and Co-Founder of Modelo. Modelo viewer price is $70 for 1 month. I believe that the best long-term solution is X3D file format.

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