Rhino version "Future"

It’s interesting to witness hectic activity on YT these days.

It’s very likely that I’m only seeing this change because the activity is related to items that I “subscribe” to but it does seem to point to a clear direction as to where Rhino 7 is going - or better, not going. Many of the things that I’m getting notifications on are being diverted from RH 6.x or RH 7 to “future” - both low-hanging fruits as being able to paste an image from the clipboard directly into a picture object without having to save the file first, and much-needed improvements to Make2D.

So - it looks like the slate is very much defined for RH7 at this point. Anything you care to share with us?

I have noticed the same with most of my ‘subscribed’ YT items. many of them also I’d consider low hanging fruits and what I would think helpful for general user base and ‘small tweaks’… so wondering the same thing as Wim.


Cleaning the plate before filling it up with stuff from the future.

It’s just our process for organizing issues and cleaning up the 6.x list. For the majority of devs 7.0 features have not been established yet and any release target value greater than 6.x can be considered the future.

While you’re with us @stevebaer, I was wondering what “rescheduled” implies…

It’s what we use to help us reschedule our lists and can be considered temporary. I changed all of my unresolved issues to reschedule and then started going through them to with a slant toward 6.x list or not.

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