Rhino v6 Trying to Loft Curves

Hi, my name is Anthony I am trying to Loft 2 curves in Rhino but the LOFT direction is showing the arrows point to the sides when I want them to point DOWN. Is there a way to fix this? I want the loft to go vertical, passing through the two curves. Is there also a way to CAP the surfaces after the Loft is done? This is supposed to be a curvy pathway, so I am having difficulty creating a surface between them. I attached some screenshots below if the help and also included the Rhino file. Thank you for any tips, i am going crazy …

SITE SMALL v5.3dm (149.9 KB)

You are try to Loft two groups of curves, not two curves. Ungroup the curves and Loft each set of curves individually. SITE SMALL DC v5.3dm (235.5 KB)

Split the paths into sections, and use Loft between the edge curves for each section.

Hello - if you have the terrain as a patch surface or mesh, you can try splitting your shapes from that as a ‘cap’, or run Patch on the upper set of curves - you may need to trim again and use that as the path surface: