Multiple curves won't loft correctly

I want to loft these lines, so it will become one smooth surface. All the lines touch each other, so I don’t understand why I get these weird forms. Does anyone know what I’m doing wrong?

LOFT.3dm (893.7 KB) loft 1

Hello - Loft is for curves that are all in the same direction - more or less parallel. In this case your curves are in two directions including one, the outer edge, that has some of each - this is a hard to surface from these inputs directly…

something like this -



I did it this way because I followed a tutorial on Youtube (, at 1:13) and that guy simply selected all the curves and clicked on loft. but when i tried this, it looked not the same haha

He started to use Loft and then switched to using NetworkSrf instead.

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Thank you! Now I get it