How to make a loft that follows a path?

Hello, I am new in rhino and I have been watching youtube tutorials but I just can’t figure out how to do this. I am trying to shape a surface from a loft between two curves, but I want this loft to follow the path of another curve. I attach a picture from a clay model I made and the surface I have in rhino. Also, as you see in the model, I have like two “arms” that start coming off the surface at the end. How do I do that?
Thank you so much in advance!!

Clay Model:

Surface from rhino:

Try Sweep2 which will allow two rail curves for your path and any number of cross sections. NetworkSrf may also be useful here. In both commands, you can click “record history” at the bottom of Rhino’s interface during the command to allow editing of the source curves after the surface is created.

here’s a quick version that you can use for ideas…

• start with the two longer red _Curve by tracing your picture in top view
• add some profile curves (the 3 other red curves)… i just used curves oriented vertically and didn’t worry about the angled entrances yet
• use _Sweep2 command… the two longer red curves are the rails… the other three are the cross section curves
• use _InterpCrvOnSrf to draw the green curves on the swept surface.
_Trim the surface using the green curves as cutting objects.

quickTunnel.3dm (946.9 KB)

(i’m not really sure if the pictureFrame is going to show up on other computers… images are a little wishyWashy on mac rhino at the moment.)

Thank you so much!! That was really helpful!!