Can't figure out how to loft

Hello all, total beginner here. Struggling to figure out what’s wrong with my loft. I followed tutorial online and it looks like I did everything right, but when I’m trying to loft, I’m getting this error message “Unable to loft - select either open or closed curves, but not both.” I’m confused. I joined all the curves on my outline and I used the o-snaps to create my arc to make sure that it touches the outline. I thought I did it correctly. Can anyone help?corgihelp.3dm (2.8 MB)

Hi Jaqomatic.
Divide the purple curve with red curve. Then try the loft command again.

Thank you! Do you know why it couldn’t loft with my current curves? Why did it work when it was divided?

The loft command works use 1) only open curves 2) only curves closed.
In your case there are curves open (red) and closed (purple)


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