Rhino unwrap

Hi, Rhino Unwrap I can not open in 3ds max. Can you help me

SAMPLE.3dm (93.5 KB)


Does it give you an error message? Have you tried exporting in other formats (DWG, 3DS)?

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Dear Vanessa,3ds did not export

3ds export.rar (1.1 KB)

Hi 3D - if I understand you, it is the unwrapped texture coordinates that are not applied to the exported mesh, is that correct, or are you trying to export the flattened mesh itself? If you want the flattened mesh, you can select it, Copy and Paste to a new file to get an independent mesh object that can be exported.


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Sir many thanks ,

Problem is rhino material coating data , it is not open 3ds max

Hi 3d - Iā€™m not very familiar with Max, but it looks like either the material or the texture mapping, or both, is what is being lost, is that correct? You can try exporting to OBJ format and make sure the setting for exporting the texture coordinates is set in the dialog: