Export to 3ds max



What is a better way to export a file with mapping to 3ds max 2017?

Thank you

(Luis Fraguada) #2

What have you tried? .3ds and .fbx might be good options.


Are you already mapped?

Or do you recommend some max or rhino mapping process?

(Andrea Montis) #4

Obj is the best choice.


because ?

(Andrea Montis) #6

because it works better with big meshes. and keeps the mapping coordinates,


But need to do a mapping in Rhino before exporting?

I tested the export here by .obj and it was not even

(Andrea Montis) #8

Not necessarily, if you want you can do it in max but, since the rhino nurbs to mesh sucks, if you have to unwrap, you better unwrap the rhino nurbs inside rhino and then export …


I tried here to text with the automatic mapping of the rhino and it does not work

The texture does not stay uniform

What do you recommend ?

(Andrea Montis) #10

it depends on the object you have to export and the texture you need to apply.

I need at least a pcture, :wink:


If I want to do the mapping of the object in rhino then export in .obj to max:
Which method do you recommend? Do you have a tutorial?

(Andrea Montis) #12

look at this tutorial from byan james… :wink:


Very good this tutorial, thank you

I have here a complex object made in rhino and wanted to use a texture: 2d checker of the own rhino in this object
The problem is that I can not leave this texture uniform on the object

Is there a way to make this texture even?

(Andrea Montis) #14

upload the rhino file… i ll take a look


mapping-checker.3dm (557.3 KB)

is this

(Andrea Montis) #16


mapping-checker_OK.3dm (781.5 KB)


Thank you for your help

But it did not solve
Still the triangles on the checker map

(Pascal Golay) #18

Hi bilico - is the attached something like what you want?

mapping-checker_PG.3dm (503.5 KB)


(Andrea Montis) #19

I think it is what he wants, how do you place the seams?
did you bend the mapping mesh?


Is what I want

how did you do it ?