Propuesta casa de playa


Can you explain your approach?
Which renderer do you use for foliage (grass and trees) ?

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Hi @kitjmv
I don’t know what he’s using I enjoy that image he posted. But there is a wonderful plugin by unreal engine called twinmotion that is free and has great foilage and works well with Rhino. It even has wind blowing in the foilage and a quixel bridge that allows one to bring some great scanned objects like cliffs from norway.
Only downside is no export back to rhino you have to do all your rendering there but it does update your models if you make a change in Rhino.

Hello @3dsynergy, Thank you,

Yes, I know, and for the foliage I do not know more easy and efficient.

I am waiting for TW and UE5 to be finished.

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Hi @kitjmv,

Oh that’s you. LOL

I am a metahuman living in a nanite world is the new paradigm. UE stuff is pretty easy but their system takes a bit to adapt to like all the folder structures and at first I thought what’s this blueprint stuff?

Takes getting used to but there is a lot of serious documentation to help.

Also because we understand modeling at the atomic level being rhino users it gives us a huge leap to make wonderful things in that environment. I think it’s definitely what one will need in their arsenal of tools in the upcoming years also it’s really fun to drive around and interact with ones creations.


twinmotion 2019

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