Rhino to vcarve

I am having a problem when I export a 3D model to vcarve. The size isn’t the same. I am exporting A guitar neck at .85" it is exporting at .8552 for some reason. Does anyone have a reason for this or A solution to fix it? Any help would be greatly appreciated. I exported the file in 3ds format but uploaded it here d a 3dmso that it would upload.
24fret 3dm.3dm (175.1 KB)

You could try tightening the tolerance. Now it’s at .001. Not unreasonable to do .0001 or .00001.

Thanks Chris, I think I found it. I was exporting it with a density of .0052 instead of a negligible number so it was adding extra height to the neck. I changed the density to .000001 and now it is exporting as .85.