Rhino to twinmotion

I have exported my model from rhino to twinmotion as an fbx file. However when applying materials in twinmotion it just does the whole model with the specific material. What do i have to do in rhino so that the material in twinmotion only does a particular part of the object in twinmotion?
Thanks .

Same thing happened to me. I think you have to create “dummy” materials in Rhino, and apply them to your entire 3d file. Then, when you export to fbx, and open in Twinmotion, it will recognize that there have been materials applied, and now you can select Twinmotion materials and just drag and drop them on top of the “dummy” materials you created in Rhino, and they will scale accordingly. At least that is how I got it to work.
I tried at first to group all my different objetcs under the object layer and give them different names, but Twinmotion would still handle everything as just one material which I could change, but by creating materials in Rhino before exporting, it seems to work.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Thank you!! Also when importing in twinmotion, do you know which option i should select for the ‘collapse’ ?