Rhino to tekla for detailing

Is anyone aware of rhino model to tekla detailing workflow. (Without grasshopper)
I created architecture model in rhino i want to add detailing to create shop drawing/ construction drawing. Is possible to import rhino model directly to tekla to add construction details like reinforcement, steel beam etc. Share some tips regarding that
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@Rosh Try a search of the Forums

I hope my question is new and it don’t have relevant answer in any previous thread about rhino to tekla. Before posting it i searched a lot everywhere. @Fred_C

If i said anything rude I apologize for it. @Fred_C

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Again, just trying to help you get answers. :ok_hand:
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Any out there who attend any workshop related thi or any guy’s who this workflow in your office

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Can you try with Geometry gym IFC extension.


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Okay but not so effective @sajesh_pj

Hi Rosh,

Converting a Rhino 3dm to an environment such as Tekla isn’t trivial, because Tekla will expect semantic inputs such as a profile curve, a start and end point and orientation axis to define a steel beam.

It’s possible to use some reverse engineering to achieve this, but without inputs identified from the user (such as all objects on this layer is this profile), it’s very difficult to reliably do this (and it takes a lot of computation power).

If they are rhino extrusions, then potentially McNeel could improve Rhino to store more semantics in a common way, rather than perhaps different plugins using different methods. This could be extended with more advanced sweeps etc. If they are purely polysurfaces it requires effort to reverse engineer the extrusion, and if there are openings/holes then it’s really hard.

The alternative is that when modelling with rhino, specific user interface provides the user with a technique that saves the semantics. But there are reasons why designers like modelling in Rhino over Tekla, Revit etc and to simply constrain the user to the same experience in those environments might be counter productive or not used.