Is there a way to import SolidWorks Sketch lines into Rhino as curves?

Title says it all really. Can I import a SW sketch as Curves in Rhino?

Yes, it’s possible, save the SW sketch in DXF format and then import it to Rhino.



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Have you tried export the curves as DWG?
My situation is OK -
Solidworks 2016 - export as DWG - import DWG to Rhino V5

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yes, a dxf workaround is a solution, but since solidworks is imported natively in rhino, it would be really helpfull to import visible 2D sketches as lines too.


because parametric features like naming based on configuration, logos, trimmed hatching can be very helpful for manufacturing/ prototyping purposes (laser cutting/ engraving, cnc milling and so on)

seems like an easy fix/ addition.