Is there a plugin or the like to EXPORT Rhino5 to "Solid Works" files?

Is there a plugin or the like to EXPORT Rhino5 to “Solid Works” files?

I would like to be able to do a “Save As”, and be able to save it as a native Solid Works file.
I had heard that Solid Works can import Rhino native, but, when I sent some drawings to the client, that has
solid works, he gets crazy stuff in the drawing and messed up layers, print moves around on the Layout, and things
like that. He has the latest in SW, which according to there website it should open with NP.


I remember I was having a headache when had to export Rhino 5 .3dm files and import them into SolidWorks 2011. Very often some geometry parts were missing or incorrect.
Not sure if something changed since 2011.

Try exporting your Rhino files to either Parasolid (".x_t" extension. Set the Export Options to “Solid works”) or IGS format.

From what I understand, it’s a 2d drawing you’re trying to open in SolidWorks?
If so, the safest is to transfer by PDF.

Can you post here or send to one of the files you are sending to SW? (there is no way to save an SW file from Rhino)