Export to Sketchup Issues

Hi, I have read other issues involving this problem but need some additional help. I have a Rhino file (since I primarily model with Rhino) and a coworker uses sketchup. I export to sketchup as my default export and everything looks great with the model including my textures that I added. However, when my coworker tries to work on the file in sketchup it creates a headache for him since none of the polysurfaces are grouped. My solution (that I researched) was to export as a dwg and bam, everything is grouped as their own polysurfaces, but there are two issues. 1. Textures that I added are not in the file (will be a headache in the future if everytime I export there needs to be a long process of reapplying textures). 2. My coworker has explained that is difficult to modify objects with the dwg file which he imported into Sketchup explaining that the floor is unable to be extruded or offset, etc. This won’t work for building 3d models in the office.

Is there a plugin for Rhino/Grasshopper that can help or an easier way to make it editable within Sketchup? I cannot stand working in Sketchup and don’t plan on doing so and my coworkers will still continue to use this horrendous program. Any help to these issues?

Hello - I’m afraid I do not know the answer to that- my guess of the moment is that trimmed faces in Rhino may make meshes that skp does not like to work with, but that is speculation.


What about exporting as STEP from Rhino and then have your friend use a plugin to get STEP into SketchUp? I’m thinking it would be better for SU to generate the mesh faces instead of Rhino trying to do that, because meshes made in Rhino don’t always play well with other software in my experience.

Off topic, I actually started my CAD journey with SU and used it for 5 years before I bought RH5 in 2017. I share your disdain for that program and regret staying with it for so long. Maybe you can convince your friend to step up his game.

Wouldn’t STEP just have a similar issue as meshes? It’s pretty horrible geometry to use going back and forth.