Rhino-to-Maverick 2022.1

Hello everyone!

We have just released Maverick 2022.1 with a much improved Rhino-to-Maverick bridge plug-in and 3DM importer. Most Maverick users do their modeling in Rhino, so we have received lots of feedback on how to improve the connection between both softwares.

For those of you hesitating on whether to buy Maverick, we would like to accompany this release with a 20% discount coupon for Rhinoceros Forums users:


Some of the improvements in 2022.1 are:

  • Overhauled material conversion. Now pretty much everything arrives in Maverick with the same look as in the Rhino viewport, color/material-wise.
  • Fixes in situations where the document in Rhino was restructured (e.g., creation/deletion of layers, etc…).
  • Now deleting objects in Rhino deletes them in Maverick as well.
  • We have added new options in Preferences so you can choose whether the Rhino bridge must preserve camera viewpoints and object poses done in Maverick, or those done in Rhino.

These are some videos describing the Rhino-to-Maverick connection.

Thank you very much!

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