Any news of Arion render?

Anyone know that the future of this rendering engine? It is a amazing rendering engine for Rhino and the built-in engine of Rhinogold, but there is no any news on a few years, why? Thank you very much!

It looks like there is a V5 plug-in that uses Arion. The listing has developer contact information:

Thank John!

I mean the Arion v3, and the bolg last update is 2017, this product stop develop or not?

You will need to contact the developer.
We do not track third-party development work.

If I understand right here, Arion will be Maverick:

Thank micha,

but the web is nothing?

And there is a rhino version?

The release is going to be in january, if I understand correctly. There is no Rhino plugin but Maverick standalone imports OBJ, Iges and Step. It’s all that Arion was but a lot more depth and functionality. A very complete library and ability to manipulate geometry once imported. I’ve been testing it and am finding it to be very nice.

Hi All, MAVERICKRENDER.COM release is out, you can try trial

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Do there have a plugin fot rhino on the future?

Just even being able to import 3DM files would be great!

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There is one in beta which makes Maverick far, far more useful for Rhino users.

How do you orbit in Maverick?

too expansive of renting, and no permanent ;(

Camera controls are-

Alt+lmb = rotate
Alt+mmb = pan
Scroll wheel = zoom

My issue with the camera is that it’s not free rotating - z is always up. Ok for simple product viz etc but when you need a special camera angle it’s not possible.

I personally feel it’s not too expensive at all.

My issue is that if you don’t keep up the payments then you’re left with no way to render an image that is free of a watermark. Probably not an issue if you run a large company that can ride over financial hard times but for freelancers it just doesn’t seem like a good idea given the economic turmoil we’ve all been experiencing.

If you were left with a fully functional version to use after you stop payment then that would be fine in my opinion (obviously there would have to be a minimum payment term of a year).

Good luck to them though, I think a stand-alone renderer is a great idea, just a shame I can’t support them.

Agree with this. All these subscription services should be rent to own. After a year, or whatever reasonable time frame, you own the software. You don’t get upgrades without paying extra but at least you’re not hung out to dry on the month you’re short $$$


Is there a shadow catcher in Maverick

I found it, it’s in Floor
Some more comments:
I seem to be able to import fbx but not obj. After the obj import, there’s nothing in the render window
And, I have floor on but see nothing

Thanks for any thoughts about this

Today a (free) Rhino connection plug-in for Maverick Render has been released. This should make it unnecessary to export/import foreign file formats, and smoothen the workflow a lot:

Sorry for jumping in to this discussion (Maverick developer here).

@arail: We have been reported a problem in the obj importer when Unicode characters are involved. About the shadow catcher: In older builds you can find it in floor, but it is also a material type that you can create and assign yourself. We release new builds every Friday. We are working on lots of improvements to the SC, and a drag-and-drop floors library that we will probably release in one or two weeks, all being well.


Thanks for creating this, Chema! It really takes Rhino/Maverick to a whole new level and usability!