Some Basic Rhino for Mac Questions


I have been absent from these forums for quite a few years; I was an original Rhino beta tester over twenty years ago and used Rhino3D versions 1 through 4 extensively as an Industrial Designer. About the time version 5 arrived jobs in my area had dried up and I changed occupations. At the time I purchased version 5 to stay current but really haven’t used it much at all. So I am not really up to date on the current features and in particular Rhino for Mac.

I do wish to remain current and probably will model again so I am considering purchasing Rhino for Mac as I would prefer not to have to dual boot. I have reviewed a lot of the posts in attempts to get up to speed, I believe I have a good grasp of what the new program can do. I would like some clarification on a couple of items please.

It appears that Flamingo cannot be installed as as a Plug-in, is this correct?
If so, are there plans to have Flamingo as a plug in in the future?
If I wanted to render models created on the Mac in the windows version with Flamingo I am assuming I would need to assign all new object properties.
Based on the version 4 render , what improvements have been made to the basic render in Rhino for Mac?
Are there plans for another higher end render plug in for Rhino for Mac?

Sorry for being long winded,

Hi Vern,

No plugins are available yet on the Mac. They will need to be ported by the plugin developers and allowing this is a focus for point releases of Rhino for Mac after the initial release. You have Rhino Render only on the Mac for now and it is based on Windows Rhino Render v5. There will I’m sure be more rendering options coming as Rhino for Mac grows after release. Right now you can do some pretty nice basic renderings using Rhino Render. I show a quick set up in this video here if you’re interested.

Thank you for your prompt reply Brian.

I guess you could tell that my biggest concern with Rhino for Mac was the rendering capabilities. After viewing the video you enclosed I agree that Rhino Render is very good. I hadn’t used Rhino Render since Flamingo arrived so I didn’t realized there had been some nice enhancements introduced over the years.